For The New York Times, can bike polo go legit? An elite, unsanctioned road race for superwomen, and the magazine cover that broke the internet before that was a thing. I stayed up for 24 hours with the photographer Wayne Lawrence and nearly lost my mind

Elsewhere, Comics for Choice and documenting abortion through comics, and India's holiest river achieves personhood - will that be enough to clean it up? In New York, fighting city hall for the right to counsel, a short audio piece with an opera singer in a choir robe, and Bernard Faerman in loveA quick blurb on how I ended up in grad school, finding running in my twenties, a Latino Superhero who fights ICE for justice, interpreting at the polling locations on election day. Citi Bike expanding into the five boroughs, and how technology is making chess (and chess players) better. The consequences of the closure of the Indian Point Power Plants, and Native American Fashion debuting next to NYFW. How cuts to EPA funding will affect Lavender Lake, aka the Gowanus Canal, a childhood trip to the Middle of Nowhere. Children receive citizenship papers at the Bronx Zoo, and New York's only wild animal hospital cares for a lot of pigeons, while upstate volunteers help salamanders cross the road.

For Nowhere Magazine, Japan’s John Muir Kyuuyu Fukada in the mountains, cycling through northern Japan, Rishikesh and the Beatle’s ashram, the small town sake festival where you can try the emperor’s preferred sake, Japanese bakeries, hibachis on the hiking trail, locked inside a ferris wheel on a haikyo trip, the legacy of the Ainu in Hokkaido .

For the Newport Mercury, interviews with painter Elizabeth Congdonsinger-songwriter Jim McGrath; biologist, professor and seaweed advocate Brian Wysor; farming daughter and environmental steward Melissa MintoRose Island lighthouse keeper Chris Papp; film professor and Faulkner expert D. Matthew Ramsey; baseball coach and local legend Eric Cirellashoes and recreations at the Newport Historical Society.

For the Hypocrite Reader, living surrounded by clothes & ghostsmy friends eat nothing but bagels as I chronicle the meals of others.

For, cultural differences in trash and recycling; local mushrooms in Rhode Island;  Pawtucket’s Bucket Brewery.